Zanussi Lower Basket Wheel Runner and Axel 50286964007 X 1 Dishwasher bottom drawer Genuine – 50269970005

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Brand: Electrolux

Genuine Part


Zanussi Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheel Runner and Axel, Electrolux Part No. 50286964007

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Genuine Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheel Runner and Axel, Electrolux Part No. 50286964007. Single Pack.

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50286964007, 6855, ASI66011K, BDW52, BK200B, BK200W, BK205B, BK205W, BK280, CDW029CDW101, CDW086, DA6141, DA6141D, DA6141SIL, DA6142, DA6142S, DA6152, DA6153, DA6332, DA6343, DA6344, DA6345, DA6373, DE2554, DE2654, DE4754, DE4756, DE540, DE540X, DE6444, DE6540, DE6544, DE6554, DE6644, DE6744, DE6744S, DE6754, DE6754S, DE6755, DE6844, DE6844ALU, DE6850, DE6854, DE6855, DE6865, DE6954, DE6956, DE6956A, DE6956X, DE6965, DE930, DEF101, DEF201, DES101, DES959, DH100, DH101, DH150, DI445, DI445TCR, DI445TCRB, DI445TCRW, DI460, DI460B, DI460W, DI50TCR, DI660TCR, DI660TCRB, DI660TCRW, DI760SS, DS1660TCR, DS16TCR, DS17, DS21, DS21TCR, DS22, DS30, DW120, DW125W, DW24W, DW80W, DW904, DW905, DW906, DW907, DW907AL, DW908AL, DW908W, DW909, DW909AL, DW909W, DW910, DW910TCR, DW911, DW914W, DW915, DW917, DW917G, DW919, DW920TCR, DW925, DW927, DW929W, Dw930, DWS39W, DWS697S, DWS909AL, DWS909W, DWS919, DWS935, DWS939S, DWS939W, DWS949W, DX303SK, DX303WK, ELUESI6160KCH, ESF4110, ESF4126, ESF4127, ESF4129, 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