Zanussi Gas Oven Thermocouple 500Mm 3570653067 Genuine Main Oven Gas Thermocouple – 3570653067

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Electrolux Zanussi Main Oven Hob Gas Thermocouple 500mm: 3570653067

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Genuine Electrolux Zanussi Main Oven Hob Gas Thermocouple 500mm: 3570653067, , This Gas Thermocouple Is A Genuine Spare Part For Your Gas Appliance, And It Is Manufactured By Electrolux. A Thermocouple Is An Extremely Important Part In Your Gas Appliance, As It Assists In The Opening Of The Gas Valve, Allowing For The Safe Passing Of Gas In To The Appliance. For Example, If The Oven Lights But Won’t Stay Alight Once You Let Go Of The Oven Control Knob Than This Is The Part That’s Almost Certainly Faulty. (Check The Burner Is Clean And A Flame Appears Adjacent To The Thermocouple Tip.) If The Oven Lights And Stays Alight But Goes Out When The Oven Gets Hot Check Flame Is Still Adjacent To Thermocouple Tip, If It Is Then You Need A New Thermocouple. This Thermocouple Is 500mm Long, So Providing Your Appliance Is Compatible, It Will Fit Perfectly In To Your Cooker.

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EAN 5053197125525
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