Vacuum Cleaner Turbo Floor Tool Fits Miele S300 S800 Series Stb205-3 35Mm – 69ML14C

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Vacuum Cleaner 35mm Turbo Floor Tool, Part No. 69ML14C, Equivalent to Miele Part STB205-3

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Compatible Vacuum Cleaner 35mm Turbo Floor Tool, Part No. 69ML14C, Equivalent to Miele Part STB205-2/3. Compatible Miele vacuum cleaner 35mm turbo floor tool Turbo brush quickly removes hair and fluff even from carpet that needs gentle care. Perfect for picking up pet hairs this air driven turbo floor tool is best suited to short pile carpets. Brush roll agitator bar gently works deep into the carpet fibres for a thorough clean without unnecessary stress on the carpet pile. Split fan built into the turbo head to avoid debris jamming and decreasing the air flow. Solid construction made from a high quality material this tool was built to withstand the rigours of everyday cleaning. If you have pets then this is the perfect hair removal floor tool for your Miele vacuum cleaner.

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