Sebo X-Series Service Box 5828ER 8 Dust Bags 2 Filters and Sealing Strip for X1 X4 X5 Extra Automatic – 5828ER


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Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Service Box Dust Bags, Filters And Sealing Strip, Sebo Part No: 5828ER

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Genuine Part



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5094ER, X1, X1.1, X1.1Eco, X2, X3, X4, X4EXCEL, X4Extra, X4ExtraEco, X4Pet, X4PetEco, X5Extra, X5EXTRAECO, XP2, XP3

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Genuine Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Service Box Dust Bags And Filters, Sebo Part No: 5828ER (Replaces 5094ER), (WILL NOT FIT THE NEW X7, X8 Models), Triple Micro Filtration System Bags Regularly Changing The Filters Prolongs The Life Of The Machine And Ensures Optimum Performance