Moisture Trap Kilrock Slimline Damp Clear Absorber Trap 500g Genuine – 55KL35

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Moisture Trap Kilrock Slimline Damp Clear Absorber Trap 500g Genuine

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Moisture Trap Kilrock Slimline Damp Clear Absorber Trap 500g Genuine. Pack Contents: Kilrock Damp Clear Slimline Moisture Trap. Description: Slimline is perfect for caravans, boat, cellars, kitchens and cupboards to absorb moisture and humidity and therefore improve air quality. It protects against damp and mildew and combats musty odours. The Kilrock Damp Clear Moisture Absorber (Slimline) reduces the relative humidity in damp rooms to an acceptable level. This prevents all the undesirable consequences of high humidity, such as condensation, a musty smell, mould, damp patches, vermin and wood rot. The Slimline Moisture Absorbers work on the basis of granules which absorb moisture. The system is noiseless and requires no electricity or batteries. Depending on the relative humidity, one Slimline Moisture Absorber with 500g of absorbing granules is effective for 2 to 3 months in a room of 15m³. Size approx: 23.5 x 9 x 7.5cm. Usage Instructions: Separate the slotted top from slotted base of the Kilrock Damp Clear Moisture Absorber (Slimline) by opening the 4 clips and remove bag of Moisture Absorber Crystals. . Re-assemble these two parts, secure all 4 clips and place on top of the base. Clip open the small top lid, cut corner off bag and pour the Crystals into the trap. The trap is now ready for use and starts working immediately. Attention: Check the unit twice a month – the Moisture Absorber Crystals. will first become solid (and may discolour) as the trap begins to work. When the Crystals. are completely dissolved (approx. 6-8 weeks) and the water approaches ‘refill level’, empty the contents down the drain (take care not to spill any ‘trapped’ moisture because it may stain). Re-fill the tray with new granules and leave the Kilrock Slimline Moisture Absorber to do its job. Carefully rinse the sink. Tip: Spilt liquid may stain. If this is the case, clean the stain immediately with lots of water and dab carefully. Repeat if necessary. Any stains can be removed with sodium sulphate (available from a chemist). Make a 5% solution in water (50 grams per litre) and sprinkle it on the stain. Leave to work for around 30 minutes. Then allow the water to evaporate with a hair dryer or electric heater. Vacuum any remaining powder. Avoid contact with leather and metal because these materials can be affected.

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