Genuine Kirby Sentria Gear Transmission Vacuum Cleaner Drive Belt Pd-554105 – PD-554105


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Kirby Sentria Gear Vacuum Cleaner Drive Belt, Genuine Part No: PD-554105

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Genuine Kirby Sentria Gear Vacuum Cleaner Drive Belt, Genuine Part No: PD-554105, KIRBY SENTRIA DIAMOND EDITION GEAR TRANSMISSION VACUUM CLEANER DRIVE BELT 554105 PLEASE NOTE THIS IS THE RIBBED TRANSMISSION BELT, AND NOT THE FLAT NORMAL DRIVE BELT Genuine Kirby Transmission Drive Belt, (554105) fits both Sentria and the Diamond Editon models made after May 2005. Installation of this part requires some disassembly, but is not too difficult. I will provide instructions on request. Below are instructions for removal of the transmission, you will not have to remove it all the way to just replace the belt, but you will have to lower it to do so. To Remove Cover Assembly and Transmission: A. Remove the handle, floor nozzle and emptor from power unit. B. Remove scuff plate by: 1. Remove the screw at the top of the scuff plate for the cord clip. 2. Insert a flat screwdriver into the slot above the switch pedal and lift. 3. While applying downward pressure to the top of the scuff plate carefully slide it to the rear of the power unit. Once the clips at top of scuff plate are free you can lift it off. C. Remove cover casting by: 1. Raise the headlight cap and remove the two flat screws at the front of the cover casting. 2. Remove two screws at the rear of the cover. (These were under the scuff plate) 3. Lift the cover casting off. D. Remove the on/off foot pedal by: 1 Inserting a thin flat bladed screwdriver under the pivot points of the on/off pedal and pry them off the pivot pins. 2. Carefully lift the on/off foot pedal up and out of the power unit until sufficient clearance is available to slide the power switch actuating rod out of foot pedal. Leave the rod connected to the power switch. E: Removing the Transmission: 1 Turn the power unit over, and remove the three screws holding the transmission in. two of the screws are near the back wheels, and the third screw is centred, but is three inches from the back of the power unit. DO NOT remove the centre screw that is at the back of the power unit. 2. While supporting the transmission turn the power unit over. 3. Set the N/D pedal in drive. 4. Lower the transmission a little to get some slack in the drive belt, then remove the drive belt. 5. Make sure the power switch actuating rod is pointing upward, then remove the transmission from the power unit. G. Assembly is in reverse