1A Ceramic Cartridge Fuse – Fast Blow 20mm x 5mm


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1A Ceramic Cartridge Fuse – Fast Blow 20mm x 5mm

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The 1A Ceramic Cartridge Fuse is a type of electrical fuse that is designed to protect electrical circuits from overcurrent’s. It is commonly used in various electronic devices, appliances, and automotive applications.

The primary function of the 1A Ceramic Cartridge Fuse is to provide protection against excessive current flows in a circuit. It acts as a safety device by interrupting the flow of current when it exceeds a certain threshold, preventing damage to the electrical components and reducing the risk of fire or electrical hazards.

This fuse is rated at 1 ampere (1A), which means it can handle currents up to this value without tripping or blowing. The fast blow characteristic indicates that it responds quickly to overcurrent conditions, providing rapid protection to circuits.

The size of the fuse is measured as 20mm x 5mm, indicating its physical dimensions. The cylindrical shape allows for easy insertion into compatible fuse holders or sockets.

Installation of the 1A Ceramic Cartridge Fuse involves simply inserting it into the appropriate holder in series with the circuit being protected.


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